Patient Registration Program

Patient Registration Program

It is a software system used in organizations that provide healthcare services such as healthcare institutions, clinics or doctor's offices. Through new generation software systems patient registration program has been playing an active role in recent years. It is designed to schedule patients' appointments, maintain patient records, and store medical information.

This software system collects a range of information to keep patients' records. This information includes medical information such as the patient's name, surname, age, gender, address, telephone number, health insurance information, past health conditions, allergies and current medications. Thus, it provides a comprehensive view of the patient's health status. It helps healthcare providers understand the patient's condition and provide appropriate treatment.

How to Use the Patient Registration Program?

Online Hippocrates is designed to schedule and manage patients' appointments. It helps doctors easily track appointment dates and times by recording patients' appointments. It also makes it easier for healthcare institutions to schedule appointments by monitoring the treatment process. This system also sends automatic reminder messages to remind patients of their appointment times and tracks whether the patient arrives at the appointment time.

Patient Registration Program

Patient registration programprovides many advantages in clinics and hospitals. Some of these are those:

  • Planning appointments more regularly: The appointment tracking system helps to plan appointments more regularly in hospitals. In this way, patients are prevented from wasting time while waiting for their appointment time. In addition, patients' appointments are planned in advance, ensuring a more balanced distribution of the density in the hospital.
  • Increased efficiency: Appointment tracking system increases efficiency in hospitals. Because thanks to this system, hospitals can better plan appointment times and treatment processes of patients. This allows the patients' treatment process to progress faster and the hospital to accept more patients.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: The appointment tracking system allows patients to plan their appointments more easily and wait less time when coming to the hospital. This increases patients' satisfaction and increases the reputation of the hospital.
  • Preventing incorrect appointment assignments: The appointment tracking system helps prevent incorrect appointment assignments in hospitals. In this way, errors such as patients coming to the wrong appointments or mixing up appointments are prevented.
  • Effective data management: Appointment tracking system improves data management in hospitals. Thanks to this system, patient records are kept more easily and these records are stored for later use. This makes the hospital's data management processes more effective.

Online Hippocrates patient registration programis a very useful tool for healthcare institutions. Thanks to this system, healthcare institutions can track patients better and manage the treatment process more effectively. Thanks to e-Pulse integration, you can transfer medical information safely after the examination. It also reduces the likelihood of patients missing appointments by sending automatic reminders to remind them of their appointment time.