What are the Stages of Stomach Cancer?

What are the Stages of Stomach Cancer?

It is a type that grows uncontrollably and abnormally quickly in cells. It occurs as a result of the mutation of the shields in its inner layers. It causes damage to the genetic material that normally controls the growth and division processes of cells. Stomach cancer stages It generally develops as a result of the combination of various factors. These include genetic predisposition, infection, and chronic examinations. There are also factors such as consumption of excessively salty foods, obesity, smoking and exposure to some chemicals.

It can be asymptomatic and difficult to diagnose in the early stages. However, in later stages, it occurs with symptoms such as weight loss, pain, vomiting, difficulty in swallowing, bleeding and anemia. Treatment is based on grades, general health measurements of the deposits, and other factors. Depending on this, surgical intervention, radiotherapy or immunotherapy services are determined. Early diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve its prognosis.

Stomach Cancer Stages and Treatment

What are the Stages of Stomach Cancer?

Surgical intervention is the most commonly used method. Surgery involves removing the damaged area. In small tumors, only the tumor and surrounding areas may regenerate. In more advanced stages, it may be necessary to remove all or most of it. During surgery, lymph nodes are also checked and removed. Gastric cancer phases Chemotherapy is used for This is the use of devices that stop the progression of disease or kill damaged microbes. It is used in the procedure, most often before or after surgery.

The method systemically depletes organisms for their cells' parents. Sometimes the procedure is used in conjunction with radiotherapy to shrink any patterns and reduce the risk of recurrence after surgery. Radiotherapy kills the harmful cell using high-energy applications. Radiotherapy to the area may be used where it has spread or where it cannot be completely removed during surgery. The radiation focuses on the problem, damaging their DNA and preventing the cells from growing. Radiotherapy is sometimes used in addition to surgery.

What Do Stomach Cancer Treatments Do?

Immunotherapy is a treatment that stimulates cells to fight tumor cells. gastric cancer is the treatment. It stimulates the immune system to recognize and destroy it. Immunotherapy is used for this disorder. It uses devices that enhance or manipulate the consuming system to target malignant cells. Certain genetic changes or proteins may be found in some stomach types. In this case, Targeted therapies can be used. Types of operations target bacteria by observation. These procedures are generally used in the form of medications.

It can be applied together with radiotherapy. Gastric cancer phases Coping with follows the pipeline depending on the severity of the disease. The type of treatment is determined by taking into account the stage of the problem, when the tumor started, general health status and general preferences. The success of the surgical operation method is increased by early diagnosis, appropriate procedure selection and a multidisciplinary approach. Continuous monitoring and support throughout the surgery process is also important. You can visit our website to get detailed information about the treatment. If you wish, you can contact us via the contact number.