Colon Cancer Treatment

Colon Cancer Treatment

The large intestine is an organ within the digestive system and comes after the small intestine. It is responsible for removing waste materials and plays an important role in the absorption of water. Colon cancer treatmentmay vary depending on its stage and spread. Cancers diagnosed in the early stages can usually be treated with surgery.
Surgical intervention is a procedure that involves removing the tumor. Afterwards, patients may need to be followed with treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

However, if the stage is advanced and it has spread to other organs, more aggressive treatments may be needed. In this case, treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy may be used. These treatments are used to destroy cancer cells or slow their growth.

Early diagnosis is very important in treatment. Getting regular screening tests and reducing risk factors can help detect cancer early and treat it successfully.

What are the Types of Colon Cancer Treatments?

Colon Cancer Treatment

In advanced stages, surgical intervention alone may not be sufficient. In this case, treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy may be used. These treatments are used to destroy cancer cells or slow their growth.

Below, colon cancer treatment Some of the options are explained:

Surgical Intervention: It is a procedure performed to remove the tumor. This option may vary depending on the spread and stage of the cancer. In small cancers, surgical intervention alone may be sufficient. In larger tumors, treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy may be required before intervention.

Chemotherapy: It is a treatment option used to destroy diseased cells or slow their growth. Depending on the stage and spread of the tumor, chemotherapy may be administered before or after surgery, alone or in combination with other treatment options.

Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy is a treatment option that uses high-energy radiation to slow their growth.

Immunotherapy: It is a treatment option used by the body's immune system to attack cancer cells. This treatment works by using antibodies specific to cancer cells or drugs that activate immune system cells.

Colon Cancer After Treatment

Colon cancer treatment The post-operative period is important for the patient to recover from the effects of the treatment and return to normal daily activities. During this period, there are a few important points that the patient should pay attention to.

First, the patient should pay attention to his diet by following his doctor's recommendations. It is recommended to start with liquid foods for the first few days after the procedure and gradually switch to solid foods. Additionally, foods that can irritate the intestines, such as high-fiber foods and nuts, should be avoided.

It is important for the patient to exercise regularly. Although bed rest is recommended in the postoperative period, exercise should be started gradually after a few days. Gentle walks or other low-intensity activities may help the patient's intestines heal faster.

Things to pay attention

Nutrition: Care should be taken to consume adequate and balanced nutrition. Dietician recommendations should be followed.

Medication use: Prescribed medications should be used regularly. Medications such as painkillers, antibiotics and anti-constipation may be used.

Physical activity: The patient should gradually start physical activities in the postoperative period. Exercise should be done in accordance with the doctor's recommendation.

Psychological support: The mental state of patients after cancer surgery is also important. You can consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to get psychological support.

Smoking and alcohol: Should be prohibited in the postoperative period.

Hygiene: Hygiene rules should be observed to reduce the risk of infection.

Colon cancer treatmentFollowing these recommendations will help the patient recover faster in the postoperative period. Finally, the person should monitor himself and consult his doctor immediately if there is any problem.